Why Q Medical

Truth, fairness, and evidence-based approach to independent medical evaluations are Q Medical’s guiding principles. In the industry where the term “independent” pertaining to the medical evaluations and the doctors performing the evaluations are met with a high degree of scepticism, our unwavering commitment to impartiality is what sets us apart.

Q Medical experts are leaders in their fields, driven by the factual evidence and scientific research when providing medical opinion. To us, facts matter. Facts is how we gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of each case and every client. Facts is how we deliver accurate and objective medical diagnosis and opinion that colleagues in the industry agree with on 66% of cases.

Reasons to choose Q Medical

Commitment to Setting the New Standard

At the core of what we do is a fundamental understanding of federal and provincial regulatory frameworks, and industry best practices. It takes time, experience, know-how, and the commitment to truth to gain the trust and recognition in this industry, and throughout our history, our track record speaks for itself. As a provider of evidence-based, accurate independent medical assessments, we’ve not only raised the bar, but are setting the new standard for IME services across the GTA and beyond.


Q Medical’s mission is to demonstrate commitment in our work with each of our valued clients and assessors. Accountability is one of our core organizational pillars – we thrive on being fair, accountable, and transparent when it comes to timely delivery, medical expertise, and quality of the medical assessment reports. Each member of our team is accountable for their actions, and together we are accountable as a group.

Extensive Roster of Country’s Leading Experts

With access to many diverse specialties and medical disciplines, Q Medical’s practice consists of highly credentialed, CAT certified, and actively-practicing doctors. Countless published work, an active involvement in ongoing medical research, and affiliations with professional associations, our experts continue to learn and evolve despite the significant accolades. Leaders in their field, the members on our roster of assessors are known to be fair and impartial in their testimony, gaining the trust, respect, and confidence of legal practitioners.

Unmatched Quality of Medical Reports

With an army of medical experts and case management coordinators, Q Medical produces thorough, defensible, error-free medical reports. The quality of our reports speak to the caliber of our staff and IME physicians. Offering a consistently neutral and, above all, a fair perspective about the claimants’ sustained injuries, Q Medical reports are comprehensive and sufficient in nature to enable insurers in making an informed decision about the treatment and benefits entitlement.