Our Philosophy

The current landscape of the independent medical evaluation system in Ontario and beyond is often unfair, biased, and opportunistic – leaving the most vulnerable, legitimately injured victims at a disadvantage.

At Q Medical, we believe everyone equally deserves a comprehensive, fair, and objective medical examination conducted by a highly-qualified independent healthcare practitioner with the necessary IME credentials and experience.

Our approach at Q Medical is rooted in this philosophy.


Our Approach

Conducting thorough and accurate examination is our standard

In line with IME guidelines, traditional standards, and code of ethics, Q Medical physicians conduct a comprehensive examination while considering a claimant’s complete medical history and the current circumstances for the most accurate exam outcome.

Our medical opinion is consistently unbiased and objective

In providing clarity for the diagnosis and substantiating the claim’s credibility, we do so based on the available data, medical history, and the exam. This degree of due diligence enables us to remain impartial, objective, and factual when providing an opinion about the allocation of resources, medical care, and any social, daily activities, and work restrictions.

Our roster of assessors consists of leading medical physicians

Acclaimed and credentialed medical practitioners across every discipline and specialty, our assessors are held in the highest regard by the medical and legal industries. Practicing physicians, scientific researchers, teaching instructors, and frequent keynote speakers, our medical experts stay at the forefront of medical practice.

Q Medical works with some of the best healthcare physicians in the industry for independent medical assessments in Ontario.

With a unique and proven process behind our expertly written quality reports and an extensive roster of top clinical experts in the province across all medical specialties

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