Independent Medical Assessment Centre
in Toronto and the GTA

Evidence-based approach

Facts matter. Scientific evidence and data are critical for us in assessing the seriousness of the claimed injuries and accurate evaluation.

End-to-end quality

Perpetually high degree of consistency, thoroughness, and accuracy of our medical evaluations is ingrained in our culture.

Unrivalled expertise

Industry leading medical and clinical practitioners with decades of experience in every discipline, field, and specialty.

Who we are

Why Q Medical

Q Medical is the provider of independent medical assessment services in Toronto and the GTA, Ontario. With medical expertise across every specialty and discipline, a roster of leading physicians, and a thorough understanding of case law, we strive to redefine what it means to be a truly independent provider. We do so with an unwavering commitment to objectivity and fairness.

Unbiased medical opinion is the cornerstone of what we do. We believe in being fair, impartial, and evidence-driven when conducting independent medical evaluations.

Performed by trained IME practitioners, our goal is to accurately document the claimant’s injuries and advise on the level of impairment based on medical facts, research, and evidence.

A vast roster of certified medical physicians with current clinical experience practicing and teaching medicine, treating patients, and actively pursuing scientific research across multiple domains, specialties, and disciplines helping to improve healthcare.

Our medical practitioners are highly regarded in both medical and legal industries not only for their professionalism and impeccable work ethic, but also for the rigorous commitment to learning, evolving, and advancing their knowledge and expertise as medical providers.

Defensible, reliable, and fact-based medical reports that clearly and objectively establish the injury causality and articulate an examiner’s informed opinion as it relates to potential work loss or restrictions and the allocation of resources, relating to the claim.

Our assessors spend a considerable amount of time on conducting an in-depth, thorough evaluation, gathering supplemental data, interviewing family members – where needed – to establish if an impairment exists and to which extent. Going the extra mile to spend more time on the file review and to obtain the most objective data and the information from the claimant’s immediate social environment is what sets our assessors apart.

With thousands of conducted catastrophic and non-catastrophic medical evaluations, Q Medical’s esteemed assessors continue to evolve and advance their knowledge and expertise in the highly-specialized IME arena through ongoing training and continuing education programs. They do so to keep abreast of the latest development in the medicine and sharpen their knowledge.

What we do

Q Medical’s mission

We bring together highly-credentialed, knowledgeable, and experienced physicians and healthcare professionals in the industry. Our focus is on conducting thorough medical evaluation and formulating an independent, accurate, and evidence-based opinion. With that, our philosophy is to remain objective, truthful, and fair.

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Q Medical Advantage

Unbiased medical opinion supported by scientific evidence

Why Q Medical
Thorough and accurate evaluation
Unmatched roster of expert assessors
Objective and comprehensive medical reports